S3 - E20

The Rendelsham Files

Reports of UFO sightings usually suffer from unreliable witnesses. But what do you do when the witnesses in question are trained military men on active duty? On Christmas, 1980 Military Police officer John Burroughs and Staff Sgt. Jim Penniston were pulling late night duty at the Woodbridge and Bentwaters Air Force bases near Rendelsham Forest in Suffolk, England. When the two men see strange lights in the nearby forest, they quickly head into the woods to determine the source. What they report is astonishing- a triangular craft of unknown origin that, upon discovery, launches into the night sky. After making an official report, the two men, along with Lt. Colonel Halt, set off with cameras to the reported landing site, eager to dispel any rumors or stories of UFOs and aliens. What they found and recorded at what has become

Aired: 11/27/2013