S3 - E9

The Wolf Pack

In 2006, Eric and Shelly Rockwell-Martin hit rock bottom when Eric’s legs and back were seriously injured at the paper mill where he worked for 23 years. Due to constant pain Eric never worked again and continued to walk with a limp. The couple suffered a significant drop in income and lost their home, so the Rockwell-Martin family moved to a remote farmhouse in Palmyra, Maine. After the family settles in, strange things start to happen. Eric and Shelley spot strange lights in the woods about one hundred feet from their house, and Chelsea and her boyfriend Nathan find an enormous 5 by 10 foot “nest” deep inside the woods. On one unforgettable night after Chelsea has gone to bed, Eric and Shelley relax on the porch drinking coffee. Usually they watch the wildlife but they notice that tonight there are no animals out, giving Eric, the seasoned hunter, an unsettling feeling. He frantically grabs Shelley, trying to haul her into the house. Suddenly, there before them are several wolf-like creatures peering at them. They run inside the house to get away from the mysterious creatures. Now the family is trapped in their own home. The stage is set for an all-night fear-fest as man is pitted against beast in a true-life animal siege.

Aired: 08/07/2013