S3 - E7

The Manson Curse

Some crimes, by nature, are so horrific that the impact is felt decades after the event itself. The Manson Family’s murder of Sharon Tate and her houseguests, committed during the tumultuous end of the 60’s, continue to reverberate even decades later. When private investigator David Oman purchased a plot of land on infamous Cielo Drive in the Hollywood Hills, he never anticipated that his new home would become a stop for restless spirits. Shortly after moving in, shadowy figures and voices begin appearing to David and his house guests. When captured audio of disembodied voices reveals a link to the Manson crimes, David is forced to confront the fact that his new home may be a refuge for the spirits of Manson’s victims, destined to play out their tragic final evening for all eternity.

Aired: 07/24/2013
TV-14 |