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Loved The Fall Guy? Stream These 10 Great Action-Comedy Films Next

The Fall Guy's in theaters now, but you can keep the action-comedy party going at home thanks to Peacock.

By Matthew Jackson

Weeks after a showstopping SXSW debut, David Leitch's The Fall Guy is now open in theaters, giving audiences everywhere the chance to check out the film's blend of action, comedy, and pure stunt man worship. If you're like us, you've already taken in the film at least once, and its fun vibes have you craving more. 

Now, you could always go see The Fall Guy in theaters again, and again, and again, but if you're just chilling at home looking for more action-comedy joy in your life, we've got you covered there too. If you love The Fall Guy, here are 10 more fun action-comedies to watch right now — all streaming on Peacock.

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The Stunt Man (1980)

Richard Rush's The Stunt Man is a classic with a very particular vibe, one that few movies have ever managed to tap into, but The Fall Guy is definitely chasing that same energy. The film follows a man on the run (Steve Railsback) who stumbles onto a movie set and basically pretends his way into being a stunt man with the help of an egotistical director (Peter O'Toole). Hilarity, and a tense psychological game, ensues. It might not be as action-packed as The Fall Guy, but there's loads to love in The Stunt Man, particularly O'Toole, whose performance is absolutely luxurious.

Watch it here on Peacock!

The Mummy (1999)

One of the most beloved action-comedies of the past 25 years, Stephen Sommers' The Mummy succeeds on pretty much every level where it sets out to create something memorable. The mismatched romance, the action setpieces, the visual effects (which often still hold up), the horror element, and the overall sense of fun that permeates this movie are all on point. There's a reason people keep coming back to it again and again. It's one of those special blockbuster moments that still feels hard to replicate.

Watch it here on Peacock!

Violent Night (2022)

If you love the way The Fall Guy plays with your expectations and pushes its stunt work into the realm of things you maybe never expected to see, then you'll love Violent Night, Tommy Wirkola's film about a cynical Santa Claus (David Harbour) who springs into action to save the one girl who might still sincerely believe in him. Harbour is, of course, wonderfully dry and funny as Santa, but the action work might stick with you more than the comedy, particularly towards the end, when Santa uses his magical Christmas powers in ways you never see coming.

Watch it here on Peacock!

Drive-Away Dolls (2024)

OK, so this one's more comedy than action, but if you're looking for self-aware genre movies that hit all the beats you'd expect and then go to some new and unexpected places like The Fall Guy, then Ethan Coen's latest film is for you. The story is fairly simple: Two friends (Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan) decide to get away for a while, and pick up a car from a drive-away service. The problem? That car actually belongs to a group of ruthless criminals who will hunt it down no matter. Clever, funny, and full of great, deliberately exaggerated performance, Drive-Away Dolls is a blast.

Watch it here on Peacock!

Fast Five (2011)

You could, of course, pick just about any of the Fast and Furious films for this list, and quite a few of them are on Peacock for your enjoyment. For our money, though, you can't beat Fast Five for a pure, relentless blend of great action and quite a few laughs. Yes, all of the Fast movies are funny in their way, and all of them have action, but Five gets the nod because its centerpiece stunt -- a safe heist in the middle of Rio -- remains the high point of well-executed action work in a series full of great action.

Watch it here on Peacock!

Knight and Day (2010)

To do a job like the one Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) has in The Fall Guy, you have to be a little crazy. That's part of where the comedy comes from, and it comes from a similar place in Knight and Day, an action-comedy directed by James Mangold and starring Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. She's a car restorer just minding her own business. He's a secret agent with a weird streak. They bump into each other (literally) at the airport, and a case of mistaken identity sends the two careening off on an adventure that neither ever truly sees coming. It's charming, it's fun, and it's a solid match for the unexpected strangeness of The Fall Guy's character moments.

Watch it here on Peacock!

Fletch (1985)

Another film on our list that's admittedly light on action, Fletch still manages to belong because you can't help but see the comedy lineage at work here. It's one of the most influential genre comedies of the 1980s, thanks to its quirky atmosphere and a wonderful lead performance from Chevy Chase, and the character work as the thriller elements of its story unfold is the kind of thing that leads right to The Fall Guy's story of people just trying to get a job done, no matter how weird things get.

Watch it here on Peacock!

The Rundown (2003)

One of the earliest starring vehicles for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, The Rundown is another one of those classic mismatched action buddy comedies that you may not have seen, but should probably make time for. Johnson stars as a bounty hunter who heads down to South America to bring in his latest target (Seann William Scott), only to get more than he bargained for on the trip. It's a blast to watch, and if you like The Fall Guy's approach to blending action and comedy, there's a good chance you'll like the way this film does it too.

Watch it here on Peacock!

Kick-Ass (2010)

Just as The Fall Guy plays with the conventions of action movie storytelling, Kick-Ass plays with superhero movie conventions at a time before we got shared universe's full of them, and a lot of it still holds up. The story of a young man (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who decides to become a vigilante and finds a whole community of would-be superheroes, Kick-Ass succeeds by tackling the harsh realities of real-life superhero-dom with heart and humor, and with an ensemble cast that includes a scene-stealing Chloe Grace Moretz and, of course, the great Nicolas Cage.

Watch it here on Peacock!

Psych: The Movie (2017)

Again, we're dealing with a less action-heavy story here, but there's something about Psych that just lends itself to The Fall Guy's story of a guy in over his head trying to play detective. Even if you haven't seen the whole USA series, you can dive into the first film in the franchise, which follows the core trio of Shawn (James Roday Rodriguez), Gus (Dule Hill), and Juliet (Maggie Lawson) as they try to unravel a criminal conspiracy centered on Juliet's work. You won't find blockbuster stunts, but you will find a lot of genre fun, and loads of comedy mixed in with the mystery.

Watch it here on Peacock!

The Fall Guy is in theaters now. Get tickets at Fandango.