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SYFY WIRE The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy Joins Universal Studios' Stunt Show for Some Pre-Show Fun

Experience a limited engagement special stunt show inspired by David Leitch's The Fall Guy only at Universal Studios Hollywood!

By Tara Bennett

Universal Picture's The Fall Guy is already tracking as one of the summer's most anticipated movies (opening on May 3), but Universal Studios Hollywood intends to make what's on the screen even more visceral for guests visiting their theme park. 

From April 27 through May 19, the park will exclusively present “The Fall Guy Stuntacular Pre-Show” as a limited engagement opener for the park's famous WaterWorld stunt spectacular show. 

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Inspired by Universal’s new 87North film The Fall Guy, directed by David Leitch, best known for his work on the John Wick franchise, The Fall Guy Stuntacular Pre-Show” will use the WaterWorld set to feature dynamic, unforgettable new stunts and entertain guests with an exclusive performance that can only be seen at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Fall Guy Stuntacular Pre-Show is from the Acclaimed 87North

Ryan Gosling sits on the hood of a car as he's directed by Eric Laciste

If you're not aware, director David Leitch began his career as a stuntman, doubling for mega action stars like Brad Pitt and Jean-Claude Van Damme. In 1997, Leitch and fellow stunt man Chad Stahelski opened their own action design production company called 87Eleven, where they put together stunt crews for countless action films. They boast some of the best stunt people in the business who are experts in martial arts, aerial work, explosions, car sequences, ground stunts and more.

As The Fall Guy is a "love letter" to the classic '80s television show and all the unknown men and women who take on the dangerous work of looking like a real life superheroes, this Universal Studios Hollywood stunt show is an opportunity to give audiences a real-world peek behind the curtain to see how the company designs and performs their stunt sequences. 

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In a recent release from Universal Studios Hollywood about the show, Leitch said, “We make movies to give audiences an experience, and what better way to amplify 87North’s brand of action storytelling than to evolve into live events. We are so thankful to our partners at Universal who embraced our ideas and gave us the platform to do something really fun and immersive with The Fall Guy.”

Both Leitch and Gosling recently made a surprise appearance at one of the performances, with Gosling describing it as "a full circle moment" because the film version of Colt begins his career at a Universal-hosted stunt show. While he didn't take part in any of the death-defying feats on display, the actor did have a literal front-row seat to the action.

Watch Ryan Gosling surprise guests at Universal Studios Hollywood

The WaterWorld Stunt show runs multiple times a day at Universal Studios Hollywood, so download the official Universal Studios Hollywood app to plan your visit to “The Fall Guy Stuntacular Pre-Show." And for more information about Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal CityWalk, guests can visit