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The ultimate 2019 gift guide for horror fans

Horror gift guide

It's been a good few years for horror fans out there, proving that the haunts don't begin and end with Halloween and October. True horror fans love horror all year 'round, which means that the spooks should continue well into the holiday season.

If you're looking for something more than Blu-rays and Criterion Collections to give the horror fans in your life this year for the holidays (or to just treat yourself too, because, hey, we all deserve a little treat now and then), look no further than this too-involved, handy-dandy list of cool things we found while trolling online. The majority of what you'll be seeing here is from Etsy, because who doesn't love spending all your time looking through all those cool offerings?


If you're looking for a timely gift to give to your favorite (or, y'know, least favorite) niece or nephew, look no further than this custom knit sweater. Any horror fan knows that this is the sweater sweet little Danny Torrance wore in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining … and maybe your niece or nephew's school teacher might be just the slightest bit freaked out if the kid shows up to class wearing this.

Plus, it's adorable?

Shining sweater horror gift guide

How much do you love Ari Aster and his latest hit Midsommar? Well, now you can brag about it with this T-shirt. (Plus, who doesn't love the implication that you traveled somewhere to set your sh***y boyfriend on fire?)

Midsommar shirt horror gift guide

Speaking of fires (if you prefer Stephen King's ending to The Shining), you can get these Overlook Hotel carpet-inspired tights for just over $20.

Overlook tights horror gift guide

And for slasher fans? Nothing's better than this understated Camp Crystal Lake number, which could very well be mistaken for the real deal. A nice test for who's got a sharp eye for horror merch.

Camp Crystal Lake t shirt horror gift guide

In other more subtle merch is this '80s-style Hands Across America shirt, which could very much just be a relic from the massive fundraiser, but it can now be worn by big Jordan Peele fans.

Hands Across America horror gift guide

Finally in clothing — and on the pricier side of things — is this custom-made Frank N. Furter corset, because I know you've been waiting for Rocky Horror merch with antici … pation.

Yes, this is a bit more expensive than anything else on the list thus far, but after donning this, you'd be lookin' pretty groovy.

Frank N Furter corset horror gift guide


You can't go wrong with horror home goods. There are plenty of bloody things out there for you to get your hands on and hang on your walls, but, for this section, we're gonna go with a few more tasteful things so as not to freak anyone out too much. (Though if freaking people out is your thing, we fully support your journey.)

Like we love this '90s horror villains mashup mug. It's fun, classy, and lets your friends and coworkers know who they're dealing with right off the bat.

Horror villain mug horror gift guide

Honestly, Etsy creators love to mash all the greatest horror villains up together into cute (and terrifying) pieces of art. We'll collect some of them below for you — because why just choose one iconic horror villain when you can have all of them?

Villains taking the place of dogs? Yes.

Horror gift guide poker picture

For something a little more classic (and intensely bright), check out this simple number you can hang on your wall.

Horror characters print gift guide

A mixup between horror and a '90s classic? Sure!

The Usual Suspects horror print gift guide

This is a pretty classy one!

Horror print gift guide

And maybe on the opposite side of that is this funky 3D pop printout — which is just really fun to look at! (There are plenty of other styles in this creator's store, too, if you're interested!)

Horror 3D printout gift guide


Finally, we get to accessories. Wrap yourself in big cloaks and blood. Yes, what better way to tell the world how much you love horror than by donning vampire fangs?

Vampire fangs horror gift guide

Or by helping your friends cover their jackets in beautifully designed enamel pins. Like this Rocky Horror Picture Show pin:

Rocky Horror Picture Show pins horror guide

Or, even better, this pin of Justine from Raw, as she slowly learns about her craving for human flesh.

Justine pin from Raw horror gift guide

What about this pin that's just as much for Scream/horror fans as it for Riverdale fans?

Scream pin horror gift guide

Also, hello, yes, give me this Stranger Things hat right the hell now (please)! Can definitely see Dustin donning this hat in Season 4 (and sufficiently breaking the fourth wall).

Stranger Things hat horror gift guide

Something else exciting? This Ouiji board planchette key ring that's equal parts cute and maybe could be used as a weapon.

Ouiji key ring horror gift guide

And, of course, what kind of horror fan would you be if you didn't have fake intestines sitting around your house, just waiting for cosplay usage or just, y'know, general everyday fun? Unleash your inner zombie!

Fake intestines horror gift guide

Also good for everyday fun? A silicone pentagram scar you can attach to yourself with just a little bit of work for a lot of results.

Fake pentagram scar horror gift guide


Okay, so you've seen all these little things, but you're looking for more of an experience for your favorite horror fans. Well, my friends, look no further than booking a room at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, the haunted location where Stephen King stayed before writing The Shining. Now, this one's gonna cost you a bit more — depending on timing and how many people you're looking to host at this historic hotel, you're looking at anywhere from $200 and up. Start saving now!

Missing media item.

As for anything else you might need for the horror fans in your life, you really can't go wrong by searching through Etsy. There are plenty of fun, practical, and wildly impractical gifts and tchotchkes to go through to impress and horrify everyone you know.