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The God of Thunder strikes in Marvel's Avengers: Thor #1 video game prequel

By Jeff Spry
Thor Hero

This spring, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix will unleash one of the most elaborate superhero video games ever starring Earth's Mightiest Heroes, with Marvel's Avengers dropping into our universe on May 15.

Laying the groundwork for what appears to be an operatic storyline that injects classic Avengers elements reinvented in the Gamerverse comics paradigm, Marvel is releasing a series of prequel one-shots designed to provide more background into how the game's bold narrative unfolds.

Marvel's Avengers: Iron Man #1, penned by Jim Zub and illustrated by Paco Diaz, was the first out of the gate back in December, and now the latest in these companion creations arrives on Jan. 8 and is centered on the adrenalized Asgardian himself, Thor -- and SYFY WIRE has a special extended look inside.

Thor 1

Written again by Jim Zub but this time adding artist Robert Gill, the absorbing adventure leading up to Marvel's Avengers marches confidently on, with an exhilarating new story aiming directly at the epic events of Crystal Dynamics' mammoth video game.

When the God of Thunder wields his mighty hammer Mjolnir to assist Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, with his latest experiment, it leads to a shocking Asgardian encounter and a raging battle between Thor and the jade giant known as the Hulk. Is this heroic clash real, or is an ancient nemesis planting seeds of malice that will blossom into the eradication of the Avengers?

Thor Slice 1

"The crew at Crystal Dynamics looped me on their ambitious and epic game storyline, the back story pieces that lead into the game's plot, the incredible events that happen during the game, and even some teasers about where things could go from there," Zub said in a statement.

"Obviously the original comics are the ultimate source material that defines all of this stuff, but the Marvel’s Avengers game is my main source for characterization when it comes to writing these prequel comic stories for Tony and the rest of the team."

Thor Slice 2

"We all know Thor is super powerful (right?!), but Jim Zub’s cooked up a really cool scenario in this issue that’ll show off a new dimension of this power, as well as his wits," Marvel editor Mark Basso tells SYFY WIRE. "And if that’s not good enough for your—Thor vs. Hulk fight!"

Now take a spin into our smashing six-page preview for Marvel's Avengers: Thor #1 video game tie-in issue in the gallery below, then make a prediction on who wins the thunderous throwdown!