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WIRE Buzz: A Whisker Away trailer; We’re Not From Here film; The Wretched record

By Jacob Oller & Josh Grossberg
A Whisker Away hed

Fans in need of another animated body-swap romance may have just found one with a twist from the director of Sailor Moon.

Upcoming Netflix anime film A Whisker Away — helmed by Tomotaka Shibayama and Jun'ichi Satô, who directed TONS of beloved throwback anime and worked on plenty of classics like Neon Genesis Evangelion — tells the story of Miyo Sasaki, aka Muge, who turns herself into a cat to get the attention of her crush, Kento Hinode. Really ... just watch the trailer.

If the boy you like doesn’t like you back, running away to an island full of magical cats is definitely ... one solution. Written by Mari Okada, A Whisker Away looks like it’ll blend plenty of fantastical and romantic elements within a magical world that grapples with very real emotions. Who cares if there's an Animorph at its center?

A Whisker Away hits Netflix on June 18.

Up next, a book about interstellar immigrants is getting the big-screen treatment from Columbia, as the studio has snapped up the rights to Geoff Rodkey’s book We’re Not From Here.

Deadline reports that the author’s story about a human family that moves to an alien planet — think Solar Opposites in reverse, and for kids — will be directed by Mike Mitchell (The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part). Rodkey, a screenwriter in his own right (with films like Daddy Day Care and The Shaggy Dog under his belt) will adapt the script himself.

His next book, the apocalyptic Lights Out in Lincolnwood, will be published next summer.

Last but not least, what better way to take the mind off the horrors of the real world than by seeing a good horror flick?

It's no Blair Witch, but The Wretched is cementing a little place in film history, as Variety reports that IFC Film's low-budget horror flick is set to top the box office for the fifth weekend in a row. The last time such a rare milestone had been reached was Marvel blockbuster Black Panther in 2018.

Four weeks into release, the supernatural thriller has grossed $664,000. Okay, so that's not exactly the gargantuan $530 million Black Panther raked in during its first month, and it's not going to land anywhere near the final box-office tally of 1999's seminal micro-budget mega-hit, The Blair Witch Project.

The caveat, of course, is the coronavirus, which has caused most studios to pull their films from the release schedule except for the more niche distributors. As a result, that's cleared the field for much smaller indie fare like IFC's The Wretched to grab the relatively meager number of moviegoers who are willing to brave the COVID-19 outbreak and visit the few theaters that remain operating. This as the country slowly re-opens following two and half months of lockdown.

Per the trade, the bulk of the ticket sales have come from seasonal drive-ins, which have turned to screening indies and classics like Jaws to replace the tentpoles that they regularly program.