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Tilda Swinton is haunted in first trailer for A24 ghost story 'The Eternal Daughter'

The next haunting A24 film hits theaters an on-demand December 2.

By Matthew Jackson
Tilda Swinton in The Eternal Daughter (2022)

Tilda Swinton is one of those actors who's both instantly recognizable and able to disappear completely into her characters in ways both compelling and unnerving. Now, with director Joanna Hogg's new A24 release, Swinton's doing it again with not one role, but two. 

In Hogg's The Eternal Daughter, which has already won acclaim on the festival circuit ahead of its release next month, Swinton plays both mother and daughter, as the pair head to visit an old family home that's since been converted into a hotel. When they get there, they find the place very nearly deserted, and the daughter starts to notice odd things happening around the stately old place. The fog doesn't seem to behave in the right way, there's a dog running around with an uncanny sense for strange forces, and rooms feel occupied even when there's no one actually in them.

Is the place haunted, or is it simply so full of memory and history that it feels like more is present in any given moment than just two people?

Check out the trailer below:

Hogg, coming off the acclaimed release of The Souvenir: Part II, packs The Eternal Daughter with eerie energy that evokes films like The Innocents, while Swinton inhabits both roles with the commitment we've come to expect from her. Having her play both mother and daughter in the story of a haunting is a stroke of brilliance, because it allows her performance to inform both sides of a generational story that's rooted deeply in memory, as almost all ghost stories are. It'll be really interesting to see how the moments set up in this trailer work in the final feature.

The Eternal Daughter comes as A24 wraps up a year already filled with acclaimed genre releases, including XBodies Bodies Bodies, Marcel the Shell with Shoes OnAfter Yang, Everything Everywhere All at OncePearl, and more.

The Eternal Daughter arrives in theaters and on-demand Dec. 2.

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