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NFL QB Aaron Rodgers got sacked on Sunday…in a secret Game of Thrones cameo

By Benjamin Bullard
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

As the prolific quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers is used to taking the occasional sack on Sundays. But not like the one he took this Sunday, when he showed up in a blink-or-you’ll miss-it Game of Thrones cameo that had him suiting up in a very different kind of armor.

The self-confessed Game of Thrones super-fan got the ultimate fan wish fulfillment when he arrived to “The Bells,” the series’ penultimate episode, just in the nick of time to play a minor, unnamed soldier. And in typical fashion, the role had him scrambling around in the pocket when the heat was very much on. 

**Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for "The Bells," the fifth episode in Season 8 of Game of Thrones, appear below.**

At the height of Daenerys’ Mad Queen dragon pillage in what may have been the series’ most epic on-screen battle ever, Rodgers showed the frantic residents of King’s Landing what a perfectly-executed quarterback sneak looks like, even if it meant leaving the men, women, and children to burn. Eagle-eyed fans picked up on his famous mug in real-time and started tweeting out their “gotchas,” followed later by Rodgers’ confirmation via Instagram:

In HBO’s behind-the-scenes look at the making of “The Bells,” a visibly giddy Rodgers explained how he broke the huddle with just one job to do: “I was helping a woman who was injured — sat her down — and then…to hell with her; I’m getting out of there!” 

That was the prevailing attitude for nearly all of the people in the capital city Sunday, once Daenerys decided a peaceful surrender wasn’t good enough for Cersei Lannister in the wake of Cersei’s murder last week of Missandei, one of Daenerys’ closest (and, in many ways, most innocent) confidants. 

Daenerys used Drogon in ways she’d never quite mastered until now, dive-bombing the city to absolute ruin by raining death from above for nearly a full hour, running ever-tightening circles of destruction toward Cersei’s keep at the city’s very heart — and leaving Rodgers and the rest of the street crowd, friend and foe alike, to their fiery fates.

While we’ll probably need to wait until August to see Rodgers suited up and back on screen when he returns to his day job, there’s still one final drive to go for the surviving characters on Westeros’ playing field. Game of Thrones returns one final time to close out its eight-season run this Sunday at HBO.

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