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ABC chief would be ‘interested in seeing’ a Lost reboot, though nothing is in the works

By Jacob Oller
Lost cast getty

Sorry Lost fans, you'll have to be content with the current series finale. That's because there's no reboot in the works — yet, at least. That comes straight from the person who is perhaps in the best position to get the ball rolling on the project, new ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke.

Speaking at the TCA press tour Tuesday, Burke touched on the core shows of the network, which led to some follow-up questions about Lost, which was included in a clip show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, when asked if the show's inclusion — specifically a clip from Jack's "we have to go back" scene — referred to some type of reboot for the mind-bending island mystery, Burke responded: "Yes, I would like that [a reboot] very much. That is a reboot I would be interested in seeing."

While Burke's answer was just as coy as the show's secrets, it was followed up by pessimism. Some reporters took to social media to clarify the context of Burke's comments:

Burke, on the other hand, addressed the comments directly after her speech — only to make Lost's chances at a second life seem slim.

"It's literally at this point just what I dream about when I go to bed at night," she said. "I have not spoken to [exec producers] Carlton [Cuse] or J.J. [Abrams] or ABC Studios about it. But I do often get asked the question what show would I reboot and often my answer is Lost — sometimes Alias. Nothing to report yet. Maybe ever. But it would be a fun thing to have a conversation about."

Since the creators of the show were similarly doubtful, yet open, the last time the idea of a reboot came up, it seems as if they are resigned to its inevitability — sometime far in the future of course.

Wait, she didn't deny anything about an Alias reboot. Maybe Bradley Cooper will have something to announce at the Oscars. What do you think? Which Abrams show would you rather see back on the air more?

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