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SYFY WIRE Jabba the Pod

Ahsoka learned why the Jedi aren't so popular on The Clone Wars [Jabba the Pod Video 2.14]

By Brian Silliman & Caitlin Busch

The Jedi cause a lot of havoc on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is understandable. They are at war — they didn't start it, they are caught in a place where they have no choice but to fight it, and now public opinion is going against them.

Huge holographic billboards set all around Coruscant aren't helping. Seen in many earlier episodes of the series, these giant signs convey messages from Chancellor Palpatine, all of him saying that rumors of the Jedi starting this war for their own gain are untrue. Yeah, no one was saying that, but they are now. Not helping things are the times when the Jedi get into a speeder chase and a crash of some sort ensues. The camera cuts away and the Jedi are on to the next bit of action, but those speeders crashed into something ... we just don't see it.

In the latest episode of the series, "Dangerous Debt," Ahsoka (Ashley Eckstein) learns that Rafa and Trace Martez lost their parents becase of such an event. The Jedi were chasing down an escaped Ziro the Hutt and his gang (after the S1 episode "Hostage Crisis") and one of them ran into the Martez home. Is Ziro the Hutt (RIP) blamed for this? No. Is the "red-eyed alien" that helped him blamed? No. Are the Separatists even blamed, or the criminal underworld?

Of course not, the Jedi take the blame. We feel for the Martez sisters, but what should the Jedi have done, let crime have its way and let it all go? Palpatine's trap is once again proven to be utterly brilliant: There is no way that they can escape any of this unscathed. By the time Order 66 comes around, galactic denizens like the Martez sisters will likely say, "Good riddance."

All of this and more is discussed on the latest installment of Jabba the Pod, as well as in the video edition of the podcast, which can be watched below. Watch our heroes (Caitlin Busch, Matt Romano, and Brian Silliman) break it all down, and also see one of them get taken in by an April Fools' Day prank about Palpatine clones. (Brian got taken in and has been scolded accordingly.)