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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Alan Tudyk serves up pizza and 'Resident Alien' teases ahead of Season 2 premiere

Tudyk toiled over a hot oven to make alien-attractive pizza fit for the Resident Alien Season 2 premiere.

By Tara Bennett
Resident Alien Header PRESS

In honor of the Season 2 premiere of SYFY's original series Resident Alien, actor Alan Tudyk, who plays pizza-loving alien Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, got together virtually with award-winning Chef Mike Hauke of Tony Boloney’s Pizza and some online reporters, including SYFY WIRE, to get the skinny on how to make the perfect pie. And while waiting for the ideal bake, Tudyk might have relayed some spicy hints about how Harry fares with his own appetites and more in the coming season.

Putting together a traditional Margherita pizza (a la Naples, Italy style) with Chef Mike, the pair quibbled over the merits of clowns — Mike is anti, while Alan is very pro — which came up in relation to how some people like to "clown car" too many ingredients on their pizza. Mike then asked Alan what kinds of pizza the residents of Patience, Colorado might prefer, and Tudyk had definite thoughts.

Virtual Pizza Making w/ Alan Tudyk PRESS

"I think D'Arcy [Alice Wetterlund] would do magic mushrooms just for fun," the actor teased. "Sheriff Mike [Corey Reynolds] might have some raw meat; don't cook it too much. And I bet a Deputy Liv [Elizabeth Bowen] would go with a Hawaiian, which I respect."

Asked if alien Harry would dare to eat octopus on his personal pizza, Tudyk deadpanned, "Yes. I think he would. Only because it would be delicious. He doesn't have a lot of morals."

In fact, as part of the mythology of the show, alien Harry admitted to eating many of his octopus-related siblings before he set off for his destructive mission on Earth. "I know he killed a lot of them as that came out recently," the actor said of his character's alien back story. "When hundreds of them are born, they go to the Great Ice Wind Desert to see who will survive. And many don't, because I killed most of them," Tudyk said with a smile.

"I think he may have eaten some of them just to survive. And if they're in season, I can't blame him. The man ones are sweeter, oddly. Although they don't have gender there so that really flies in the face of that," he joked.

With an order of 16 episodes for Resident Alien's Season 2, the cast and crew of the series are still hard at work shooting the back half of the season in Vancouver, British Columbia. Asked which episode has him giddy for fans to see, Tudyk said there's a party episode that harkens back to a farce he did back in 2007, Death at a Funeral.

"The episode is somewhat of a bottle episode in that we're all in the same place, and it's in Harry's cabin," Tudyk teases. "There are moments within that that are very farce-like, so it reminds me a little bit of a play. And there's a lot that goes on in that party. I'm looking forward to people seeing that because it's everybody. The whole cast are all in one place just bumping up into each other the whole time."

Resident Alien Season 2 premieres today, Jan. 26, on SYFY.