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'Fear the Walking Dead': Alicia makes a new alliance in exclusive scene from Season 7 midseason premiere

Alicia's in a brand new scenario in this exclusive scene from "Follow Me."

By Tara Bennett
Fear the Walking Dead, "Follow Me"

Back in December, Fear the Walking Dead's midseason break left us on another big cliffhanger as "PADRE" ended with Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) basically declaring war on Strand (Domingo Coleman) with her intention of overthrowing his Tower community. Not to mention, she was also looking a bit green with fever when she revealed to Morgan (Lennie James) that she was bit by a walker. And even after amputating her arm, she thinks she might still be infected.

With that dire scenario as the new path for Alicia to play out, Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC and AMC+ on Sunday, April 17 with the second half of Season 7. The first episode back, "Follow Me," is an Alicia-centric episode which has her connecting with a brand-new, fellow survivor, Paul (Warren 'Wawa' Snipe). Alicia soon discovers that a resourceful deaf man living a post-apocalyptic landscape might have some good advice.

In a SYFY WIRE exclusive clip from "Follow Me," Alicia and Paul have a kitchen conversation about trust and him needing her for some vital assistance.

Check it out below:

It looks like Alicia has a lot of unresolved issues, and insecurity about her worth, regarding her her time in the bunker with Will (Gus Halper). It didn't turn out well and it looks like she's not exactly keen to potentially drag another vulnerable person into her propensity for bad luck scenarios. But as Paul puts it, "If you help me get what I want, I'll help you get back to your people." More importantly, he knows where to get what he needs, so it sounds like a Paul and Alicia road trip is on the horizon.

With The Walking Dead on hiatus until this fall (when it will wrap up its final season), Fear the Walking Dead is holding down the undead fort. Of course, AMC is also developing several spinoffs to keep the franchise shambling on for years to come. 

New episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 air Sundays on AMC and a week early on AMC+.

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