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Amazing Stories showcases Spielberg bona fides in first teaser

By Jacob Oller
Amazing Stories screencap

Amazing Stories, Apple TV+'s reboot of Steven Spielberg's '80s genre anthology series, has finally allowed fans a glimpse into the weird and wonderful oddities that will be coming down the pike. Skewing sci-fi, this genre tale is staying away from The Twilight Zone and more towards Spielberg's alien-centric work (Close Encounters, anyone?) - more in line with a certain kind of serial than a twisty O. Henry narrative.

Showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz took over from Bryan Fuller (American Gods) and Hart Hanson (Bones), and have led the series in a more "aspirational direction" - something fans can see in the series' first mystery-filled trailer.

Take a look:

The ethos of transporting everyday people into "worlds of wonder, possibility, and imagination" kicks off with oddball otherworldly events, electrical anomalies, and a superhero grandpa (played by the late Robert Forster). And that score? Pure brassy nostalgia.

Forster's final performance is supported by a cast including Dylan O’Brien (Maze Runner), Victoria Pedretti (The Haunting of Hill House), Josh Holloway (Lost), Sasha Alexander, Edward Burns, Kerry Lynne Bishé, Whitney Coleman, Trisha Mashburn, Austin Stowell, and Juliana Canfield. That said, the rest of the five tales are still preserving a bit of their secrecy as directors Chris Long, Mark Mylod, Michael Dinner, Susanna Fogel, and Sylvain White each apply some of thier magic to the totally unique genre stories. Fogel's episode, “Dynoman and the Volt,” for example, is the one with Forster's turn as a superhero - all thanks to a mail-order superhero ring come 50 years too late.

Amazing Stories hits Apple TV+ on March 6.

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