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SYFY WIRE Paper Girls

Amazon’s Paper Girls delivers lead cast as series pedals towards production

By Vanessa Armstrong
Paper Girls Tiffany KJ Erin Mac

Things have been fairly quiet on the Paper Girls front since Amazon Studios greenlit the series in July 2019. The show, however, appears to have been quietly pedaling forward — according to Deadline, the series has cast its four young leads.

Sofia Rosinsky (Fast Layne), Camryn Jones (Cherish the Day), Riley Lai Nelet (Altered Carbon), and Fina Strazza (A Christmas Melody) are playing the titular paper girls in the Amazon series, which — according to co-showrunner Stephany Folsom — is ramping up production. 

"It’s finally happening. This showrunner is off to the set," Folsom posted on Instagram, along with a mostly hidden Paper Girls travel itinerary.

The show, like the Image comic created by Brian K. Vaughn and artist Cliff Chiang, takes place in 1988 and follows four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls who, on Halloween night, get caught in the cross-streams of a war between time travelers. The girls travel to the past and the future, where they meet older versions of themselves and have to decide what path they (and the world) will take.

Rosinsky will play Mac Coyle, the first girl in the fictional town of Stony Stream, Ohio to take on a paper route. Mac is a tough cookie, and while she prefers to be a loner, the time-traveling events of Halloween night force her to become the leader of the girls.

Jones is taking on the role of Tiffany Quilkin, the brainiac of the group who loves gadgets and technology. Lai Nelet is playing Erin Tieng, a dual-language immigrant who has strong Chinese roots, but who also wants to be a typical, All-American kid. Rounding out the leads is Strazza, who will play KJ Brandman, one of the only Jewish kids in Stony Stream, who, despite her family's wealth, decides to take on a paper route because it makes her feel free.

No news yet on when the show will stream on Amazon, but given that Folsom is on her way to the set, we're likely to see it on the small screen sooner rather than later.

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