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Star Wars' Anthony Daniels riffs on C-3PO, fights Dark Side of health with COVID-19 vaccine: 'We're not doomed'

By Josh Weiss
Anthony Daniels

It may be a droid's lot in life to suffer, but humanity is a different story. For almost a year now, the human race is currently doing its best to negate all the misfortune that's plagued the world since the COVID-19 pandemic began to take shape last March. Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels (famous for playing the anxious and gold-plated protocol droid, C-3PO) is doing his part by getting inoculated with the coronavirus vaccine.

The 74-year-old performer, who has appeared in almost every single Star Wars project to date, celebrated his injection with a tweet that perfectly riffs on 3PO's pessimistic personality. "Droids don’t get COVID. But humans do," he wrote in the caption. "Please…Get vaccinated, too. We're NOT doomed!" Fittingly, Daniels received the injection from one Dr. Aboi of the U.K.'s National Heath Service, whose surname makes us think of Obi-Wan Kenobi. In other words, the Force is truly strong with the frontline healthcare professionals working tirelessly around the clock to immunize the planet's population against the novel pathogen, which has claimed over two million lives so far.

Check out Daniels' tweet below:

Back in November, Daniels encouraged fans to wear face masks and observe social distancing measures. As with his vaccine post, this small Twitter PSA came with a photo of the actor wearing a shiny mask the same color as C-3PO's exterior casing.

Celebrities are using their large social media followings to remind people to build public confidence and trust in the COVID vaccine, of which there are several variations. Most recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger quoted The Terminator's famous "come with me if you want to live" line after receiving a dose of the shot in Los Angeles.