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SYFY WIRE Sonic the Hedgehog

Apple Arcade launches with games featuring Adventure Time creator, Rayman, and Sonic

By Jacob Oller
Rayman Mini screenshot

Apple Arcade, the tech company’s foray into subscription gaming, launched today with its $5-a-month model and a ton of games from and featuring familiar faces. With over 100 launch titles, the Apple device-only service (which allows up to six logins on a single account) is bringing plenty of small-scale games to fans’ iPhones, iPads, Macs, or Apple TVs. And gamers have already highlighted some of their favorites.

Titles from gaming veterans and indie developers are rampant, but some feature creators famous for other things, like Card of Darkness, a card-based puzzle game that finds its style thanks to a collaboration with Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward:

But it’s not just newcomers—classic gaming favorites like padhopper Frogger and platformer Rayman also received updated entries with Frogger in Toy Town and Rayman Mini:

There’s also been online love for a few members of the Sonic family, with the new ChuChu Rocket! game from Sonic Dash’s SEGA HARDlight and the Mario Kart-esque Sonic Racing both exciting fans:

And that’s just four of the service’s hundred-plus games, some of which are from the studios behind Monument Valley and Bravely Default.

Apple Arcade is live today.