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SYFY WIRE Captain Marvel

Artists Alley: David Nakayama sketches Captain Marvel


It’s a very rare to see David Nakayama’s artwork inside of a comic, especially since he has become an in-demand concept artist. However, Nakayama regularly provides covers for Marvel comic books, including several Deadpool miniseries and the X-Men ‘92 series that was inspired by the classic animated program.

However, for the latest edition of SYFY WIRE’s Artists Alley series, Nakayama decided to draw a character he isn’t known for: Captain Marvel. More specifically, this is Captain Marvel in her outfit from her MCU solo film. According to Nakayama, it was very important to him to get the details of her costume right.

“I am a giant fan of these characters, and it’s important to me to have them be very accurate,” explained Nakayama. “Especially if I’m doing something like the film outfit, like we are today. It’s important to get that just right. People know when you’ve faked it. So those little details really matter.”

Nakayama also expressed his admiration for Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel costume.

“Her costume is just awesome,” said Nakayama. “I believe Jamie McKelvie designed the original inspiration for this in the comics. And they’ve very faithfully adapted it in the film.”

In addition to sharing his artistic techniques and his preferred methods, Nakayama also opened up about his art theory.

“Sometimes [kids] ask me about art, and I tell them that art is a little bit like a magic trick,” noted Nakayama. “In the sense that you’re fooling the brain with your pen strokes ... into seeing something that isn’t really there. This is an illusion of a person in 3D, but it sure feels like a real thing when it’s all said and done.”

For more artistic insights from Nakayama, check out the entire video!