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Baby Yoda has the tea in latest The Mandalorian meme taking over social media

By Jacob Oller
Baby Yoda drinking

What’s the tea? Well, in The Mandalorian’s case, it’s soup. The Disney+ live-action Star Wars series has left its main character (played by Pedro Pascal) in the Tatooine dust in favor of its real breakout star: Baby Yoda. The character, which isn't really Yoda as a baby (just a member of the Jedi master's species) drove Disney to push merchandise out quick and dirty while taking over the internet with meme after meme. It even made Werner Herzog cry.

The mysterious alien, whose importance to the plot is only matched by his overall cuteness and ability to make the titular bounty hunter have a heart, brought his latest GIF-able moment to the screen thanks to a tasty bowl of broth. Nothing is easier to relate to after the Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, Twitter has been heralding the meme as the gossip-knowing, business-minding, sideeye-giving sci-fi creation that nerd culture has needed.

Take a look:

The Mandalorian airs its fifth episode, written and directed by Star Wars animation guru Dave Filoni, on Dec. 6.