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SYFY WIRE Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond's original Terry McGinnis wants in on rumored big screen revival

By Josh Grossberg
Batman Beyond YouTube screenshot

The man who inherited the Dark Knight's cape and cowl wants you to know he's more than ready to suit up again, if Warner Bros. is actually considering giving Neo Gotham another look.

On the heels of Sony's mega-box office success with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, an unsbustantiated rumor has been making the Internet rounds claiming Warner Animation Group is plotting a new, aniamted Batman Beyond movie to hit theaters in 2022. It'd be a coup for fans everywhere if true, but again, this is all just a rumor at this point.

The report from The GWW prompted Will Friedle, who originated the voice of Bruce Wayne's successor, high schooler Terry McGinnis, in both the acclaimed cartoon and 2000 direct-to-video flick, to offer up his take on Twitter. And – no surprise – he's excited about the possibility of giving the fan favorite franchise it's proper big screen debut.

Stoking speculation further, SuperBroMovies writer Daniel Ritchman tweeted what he claimed was a scoop — a photo of WAG's movie slate revealing an unknown DC title scheduled to go into production in 2020. Should a reboot of Batman Beyond turn out to be true, such a timeline makes sense in order to meet a 2022 release date. He also suggested the studio was eager to cast an Asian-American actor to voice Terry.

Also teasing fans, some enterprising Netizen posted alleged concept art from a potential Batman toon on r/DCEULeaks. Again, take it with a grain of salt, but it is more smoke.

First debuting on TV in 1999 and running for 52 episodes, Batman Beyond followed the continuing adventures of Terry McGinnis, a rebellious teen whose father was murdered on the mean streets of Gotham. After stumbling upon Wayne Manor and the Bat Cave, he's taken under the wing of an ailing Bruce Wayne who has retired from crimefighting as the Caped Crusader. McGinnis takes over and, while rooting out Gotham's bad guys, he eventually learns he's Bruce's biological son (it's a pretty twisty, cloning-related reveal).  

In any case, there's been no official announcement regarding the project, potential plot or a cast, nor for that matter whether Mark Hamill might reprise his iconic voice role as The Joker. SYFY WIRE has reached out to Warner Bros. for more information.