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Batman heads to Titans Season 2 with Game of Thrones' star Iain Glen

By Jacob Oller
iain glen game of thrones

The multi-talented stage and screen actor known best for playing Game of Thrones knight and Daenerys Targaryen devotee Jorah Mormont is adding another famed and geeky name to his prolific repertoire: Bruce Wayne. As Game of Thrones ends and Titans continues dropping F-bombs on DC Universe, the latter has founds its Batman in Iain Glen.

According to Deadline, the R-rated version of Gotham City has cast the actor to play an older version of DC’s most famous detective. Making Batman a bit older allows for his ex-Robin, Dick Grayson, to grow up on his own without having to compete for the super-spotlight.

In fact, according to an official description from the producers of the show, this version of Wayne is still hoping to help Grayson since they need to reconcile. While Batman is still as committed to protecting Gotham as he was as a young superhero, he and Grayson “hope to forge a new dynamic as Bruce tries to help his former sidekick and the Titans achieve success.”

Will Wayne only be a benefactor of the group or perhaps offer up more than financial or philosophical guidance? That much is unclear, as is the possibility of Glen suiting up to fight alongside the younger generation of heroes. But his more grizzled mentor Batman isn’t unheard of in media. Glen’s older, Batman Beyond-esque take on the hero will compete with Esai Morales’ version of the villainous Slade Wilson, who will also be a new addition to the cast in Season 2.

Titans returns to DC Universe with Batman in tow this fall.