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SYFY WIRE Batwoman

Batwoman production assistant paralyzed on set of The CW Arrowverse series

By Josh Weiss

Amanda Smith, a 30-year-old production assistant working on The CW's Batwoman, was recently paralyzed from the waist down after a severe accident on the show's Vancouver-based set.

According to Smith's GoFundMe page, "the bucket of a lift lowered onto her head" during a shoot on Wednesday, March 11. She underwent immediate spine surgery, but still requires extensive physical therapy that may, with time, help her regain some sensation in her legs.

She is hoping to raise $100,000 to cover her rehabilitation period, in which she won't be able to work. A little over $50,000 has already been donated to the cause.

Amanda Smith Batwoman PA

“A valued member of the Batwoman production team was recently injured during the preparation of a filming location in Vancouver,” a rep for Warner Bros. TV said in a statement to Deadline. “Our thoughts are with her for a speedy recovery. We are working closely with [the Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia] to provide any and all requested information. We continue to work to protect the health and safety of all our crews, casts and employees."

Batwoman's leading woman, Ruby Rose, also sustained a major spine injury on the Arrowverse show's set, prompting her to receive invasive back surgery as well. Rose posted a graphic video of the medical procedure on her Instagram account last fall.

Batwoman 1x13 Kate and Sophie

The show is almost done airing its first season. Season 2 has already entered active production, but filming halted last Friday over coronavirus concerns. Unfortunately, that's had a negative impact on Smith's rehabilitation campaign.

“It’s lessened the amount of donations because everyone’s on lockdown financially,” Tyler Mazzucco, Amanda's friend and colleague who set up the GoFundMe page, said to the Vancouver Sun. “I have 32 unread messages on my phone right now, and half of them are people asking what they can do because they can’t do anything financially.”