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SYFY WIRE Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson's 'Black Adam' debuts first electrifying scene at DC FanDome

By Josh Weiss
Black Adam DC FanDome 2021

After years of shepherding his Black Adam passion project to the big screen, Dwayne Johnson finally takes his rightful place as the anti-Shazam! in the first bit of electrifying (and we mean that quite literally) footage from the upcoming film.

While Black Adam only just entered post-production after wrapping principal photography over the summer, Johnson himself showed up during the second annual DC FanDome Saturday afternoon to introduce a special clip where his titular character is summoned by a group of explorers/mercenaries. Not the best idea in the world because Black Adam reduces one of them to ash and bone with very little effort.

"I have worked so hard. Worked these hands, these callouses, my fingers to the bone on this project because it's the kind of project that I know comes along once in a lifetime. And the truth is...I was born to play Black Adam," Johnson teased while introducing the clip. "The film has, without question, some of the biggest action sequences I have ever been a part of. I am so proud and excited of our incredible team who are working away to create breathtaking holy sh** scenes that I know you're really going to love."

Watch below:

Helmed by Jaume Collet-Serra — who previously worked with Johnson on Disney's Jungle Cruise — the comic book adaptation follows Teth-Adam, an ancient Egyptian, who became a champion of the wizard known as Shazam. Adam turned out to be unworthy of the wizard's powers, but that didn't stop him from selfishly keeping them; thousands of years later, he squared off with the Marvel Family. 

While the character (created by Otto Binder and C.C. Beck in the mid-1940s) began life as a flat-out villain, he'll be portrayed as more of an antihero in cinemas. Black Adam will also introduce the Justice Society, whose lineup includes: Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo), and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell). A short, behind-the-scenes look gave viewers a sneak peek at each of the heroes' different costumes and emblems. 

"I'd never seen the likes of it before," Brosnan states in the breezy featurette. "Having done James Bond for 10 years [and] four films, nothing compares to this."

Black Adam was originally supposed to make his big screen debut in 2019's Shazam! movie, but Johnson (who executive produced the David F. Sandberg-directed feature) ultimately felt that Teth-Adam would have over-stuffed the plot.

 "As we were developing this a few years ago, the challenges and the struggles that we were having and that was gnawing at my gut [was] that we were trying to tell two origin stories in one script," he explained. "The challenges were, as you guys can imagine, you’re trying to tell two very big origin stories in the world of comic books of this DC Universe — two very important characters — trying to tell both their origin stories in one script. I didn’t think it was working."

Black Adam will strike theaters like a bolt of lightning on July 29, 2022. 

Check out the DC FanDome live stream below: