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Bruce Campbell fights off holiday-shopping zombies in holly jolly trailer for 'Black Friday'

Black Friday opens for business in theaters Friday, Nov. 19 before making its way to on-demand on Tuesday, Nov. 23.

By Josh Weiss

Bruce Campbell may be retired from the role of Ash Williams, but his eternal battle against the supernatural forces of evil is just beginning. The Evil Dead vet dons a mustache, bowtie, and cozy-looking cardigan as zombie-bashing store manager Jonathan in the first trailer for horror-comedy Black Friday.

Set on the titular day of deals that follows Thanksgiving, the film unfolds in a store where raging customers looking to get their hands on discounted products start transforming into angry members of the undead looking to get their hands on some fresh meat. It doesn't take a Romero to explain the social subtext going on here, folks.

Watch the trailer now:

The culprit behind the ghoulish outbreak is that ol' B-movie standby: an alien parasite housed within a meteorite that crashes to Earth. Trapped within the store, Jonathan, his longtime employee Ken (Chucky's Devon Sawa), and the rest of the store's band of misfits have to put up one hell of a fight if they want to see the light of day.

Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight), Ryan Lee (Super 8), and Ivana Baquero (Pan's Labyrinth) round out the principal cast. In addition to starring, Campbell also produced by the film.

Written by Andy Greskoviak, the movie was directed by Casey Tebo. The director thanked Child's Play creator Don Mancini on Twitter Monday for allowing the production to use a clip from 2013's Curse of Chucky.

Black Friday opens for business in theaters Friday, Nov. 19 before making its way to on-demand on Tuesday, Nov. 23. The project held its world premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas last month.

“When Andy sent me this script, it was such a blast!” Tebo told Variety at the time. “It reminded me of some of my favorite holiday horror movies like Gremlins or Krampus. I could see myself running to a midnight showing to see this with other horror fans, and at the same time, I could see my kids watching it at a sleepover with their friends. It’s imaginative, original, scary, fun, and the right bit of ridiculous — and that’s all the things I want to see in a movie!”