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SYFY WIRE black history month

Black History Month: SYFY short 'Realisation of Excellence' is a powerful metaphor for finding one's voice


In honor of Black History Month 2021, SYFY and Tongal, a global community of content creators, invited six Black animators and filmmakers to create video shorts that represent their experiences through the lens of science fiction and fantasy.

Since Feb. 1, these six shorts have been airing on the SYFY network and been posted on SYFY's Instagram and Twitter handles throughout the month — and continue on. To further celebrate these original shorts, SYFY WIRE got in touch with the creators in order to break down their work and take a closer look at what inspires them.

Next up is Jeremy Kowsoleea's "Realisation of Excellence," a powerful metaphor about finding one's voice. Here's Kowsoleea's backstory — the story of how he found his own voice.


Jeremy, born in 1983, is a cinematographer, colorist, and founder of the film company Protails based in The Netherlands. Coming from working in the music industry as a producer for over 12 years, he has always been strongly connected with creative businesses.

In 2014 he made the choice to leave the industry in search of finding his passion again. After a couple of months, he found his strength back to move forward. Supported by his family, he bought his first cinema camera with their last money. While taking a big financial risk, this life-changing decision started driven his ambition. In his words "A success story is not about the reached goals, but knowing how to deal with failures across your life journey."

While having no teacher in cinematography he learned his lessons through trial and error. His goal was to understand filmmaking and to learn every aspect, from camera techniques to color grading. Jeremy started out doing music videos for local artists, which grew up to working with international clients like Universal Music and Spinnin' Records. Jeremy wanted every project to have a unique cinematic feel over it. This created more opportunities for him as an individual and allowed him to grow as an entrepreneur.

In 2018, Protails became a full-time creative studio instead of a "one-man band," delivering high-end content for commercials, short films, and various film-related work. Besides building his business, Jeremy also coaches young filmmakers at schools on how to develop themselves as cinematographers and how to evoke emotions with the audience.

Watch "Realisation of Excellence" below and find more of Jeremy Kowsoleea's work on Instagram and Facebook. Check out it and other creators' shorts on the SYFY network and on our YouTube as they premiere throughout Black History Month.