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WIRE Buzz: Black Water: Abyss trailer; Langdon casting; Nancy Wu Done It Amazon series

By Jacob Oller & Josh Grossberg
Black Water: Abyss

Black Water, the 2007 giant crocodile movie from writer/directors David Nerlich and Andrew Traucki, is getting a sequel, with Traucki back in the director's chair.

Titled Black Water: Abyss, the follow-up has a similar premise — killer crocs, unsuspecting tourists — but adds a new setting to really amp up the creature feature's horror: rather than being on a river a la Anaconda, fans will be diving into cave systems a la The Descent this time around. This is no Crawl.

Starring Jessica McNamee, Luke Mitchell, Amali Golden, Anthony J. Sharpe, and Benjamin Hoetjes, with a script by John Ridley and Sarah Smith, Black Water: Abyss looks to torment its spelunking lunkheads with one of nature's most terrifying reptiles. Its first trailer alone features at least a few people getting dragged underwater to their deep, dark demise ...

OK, the gun and the car were definitely unexpected additions to a film that purports to take place in a remote Australian cave system. But hey, killer crocs are killer crocs. Sign us up.

Black Water: Abyss hits select theaters and VOD on Aug. 7.

The mystery concerning the Langdon cast has been solved.

Eddie Izzard (Valkyrie) and Valorie Curry (The Tick) are set to star opposite Ashley Zukerman in NBC's drama pilot based on The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown's bestselling thriller The Lost Symbol.

Per Deadline, Izzard will play Peter, the director of the Smithsonian and an influential mover and shaker in Washington D.C. Curry will portray Katherine, a scientist who studies how consciousness can affect the physical world.

The network has given the green light for production to commence on Langdon later this year, depending on when filming can safely ramp up amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The pilot will chronicle the adventures of the famed Harvard symbolist Robert Langdon (Zuckerman) in his early years as he sets out to solve a series of deadly puzzles in order to save his kidnapped mentor and, yes, put a stop to a terrifying global conspiracy. Zuckerman will be the second actor after Tom Hanks to play the character.

Ashley Zuckerman Tom Hanks

Finally, a fantastical mystery series is coming to Amazon from a key force behind The Flash and a familiar face from Game of Thrones. Nancy Wu Done It sees a YA author sucked into one of her own stories and tasked with solving its central secrets.

According to Deadline, the Amazon show comes from writers and executive producers Kai Yu Wu (The Flash, The Ghost Bride, Hannibal) and Jessica Henwick, aka GoT's Nymeria Sand, who also starred in Iron Fist as Colleen Wing and will be appearing in the upcoming Matrix 4. The pair are teaming up for the comedy about a yet-to-be-cast Asian-American woman who finds herself in her own Nancy Drew-esque YA novel, solving mysteries alongside its lead character.

No timeline is yet set for the original series.