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No rewind necessary: Last Blockbuster store on Earth is available to rent on Airbnb

By Jacob Oller
Blockbuster Airbnb

Streaming may have killed the video store, but there are still some stragglers out there adapting to a new nostalgia-driven business model. The last Blockbuster video store has been through a lot. Located in Bend, Oregon, the store recently saw a boost in tourism from Captain Marvel's throwback cameo. But those wanting a more intimate experience with a franchise that spawned genre geeks galore could now rent something new at the last Blockbuster: a slumber party.

This Airbnb listing, posted by the store's manager Sandi Harding, advertises three nights where locals can nab an overnight stay at a relic to media consumption's recent past. On September 18, 19, and 20, lucky local groups (up to four people in size, all of whom must be from the same household) can get the key to the store for a single night — and no, it definitely isn't haunted in a "get a million dollars from the will if you spend the night in the spooky mansion" way.

"Our store has been a Blockbuster for 20 years now and we wouldn't be the last standing without our incredible community," Harding told SYFY WIRE. "Our customers really are our family and this is just a little way to show our appreciation for their support over the years -- and especially now. So this is how we're celebrating the milestone now, and it's really been a group effort with Airbnb to bring this throwback sleepover to life."

Instead, these "socially distanced movie nights" (Harding requires key pickups to be conducted in masks and following the 6-foot distance protocol) will be spent slamming movies both classic and B, eating snacks, and crashing on the sofa bed. And the '90s prices are there too: It's only $4 a night. Lucky Deschutes County residents are getting a heck of a deal, all for cheaper than a rental of Jumanji. All they have to remember to do is be kind and rewind.

The last Blockbuster will give back to the community by making a donation to the Humane Society of Central Oregon. Fans can book their stay here when the listing goes live on Aug. 17 at 4 p.m. EST.


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