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What’s next for Blumhouse? Horror hitmakers taking on real world haunting with 'Mr. Entity'

Captain Howdy's got nothing on Mr. Entity!

By Josh Weiss
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Following a heated bidding war, Blumhouse — the production banner known for its ever-growing library of horror hits like Paranormal Activity, Sinister, and M3GAN (now streaming on Peacock!) — has officially scooped up the supernatural screen rights to Mr. Entity: The Moffitt Family Haunting

Written by Jessica Moffit, the upcoming non-fiction book chronicles the story of a paranormal presence (known simply by the ominous nickname of "Mr. Entity") that terrorized the Southern California-based Moffitt clan for six years between the late 1980s and early '90s. The book also delves into the Mafia ties of Jessica's great-grandfather "and the nefarious intentions of Jessica’s grandfather against her grandmother, Lee Moffitt," teases the synopsis.

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While the family kept a tight lid on their haunting, they did seek out the help from paranormal experts like Ed and Lorraine Warren, the married couple made famous by the Conjuring film franchise.

Jessica first went public with the story last year via an article run by The Huffington Post. Several projects based on her soon-to-be-published manuscript are currently in development, including a film adaptation and two television series — one scripted and one unscripted. The latter is being produced in partnership with ITV America’s Good Caper. 

“Blumhouse is renowned for their storytelling in the paranormal horror space, and we couldn’t ask for better partners to tell our family’s story,” Jessica said in a joint statement with her mother, Deborah. “We’re excited that this first project, the unscripted series with Blumhouse Television and Good Caper, will allow us to share first-hand accounts of the disturbing events that altered the course of our lives.”

Moffitt family bed
Bill Sr., Bill Jr., and Debbie Moffitt

“The story of Mr. Entity is one of the best examples we’ve seen of truth being stranger than fiction. We’re grateful for the unfettered access that Deborah and Jessica Moffitt have provided us to their stories, and for entrusting us to tell it in rich detail in this first iteration as an unscripted series with our partners at ITV America’s Good Caper Content,” added Chris McCumber, President of Blumhouse Television.

Alison Dammann, Good Caper Content Senior Vice President of Development, concluded: “The Moffitts’ unique family history and inexplicable experiences offer ample room for exploration. With Good Caper’s background and approach to investigative storytelling, paired with the incomparable team at Blumhouse Television, we feel well-equipped to unravel the complexities of this bizarre and breathtaking story."

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