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Blumhouse celebrates April Fool’s with one of its goriest, and fakest, movies to date

By Nivea Serrao

It's April Fools Day, which means horror fans can expect a scary prank or two to come their way. But maybe none will be as terrifying — or as gory — as Blumhouse's latest offering: a fake trailer for a fake film called El Chupacabras

The trailer for the nonexistent movie, which you can see below, is made up of stock footage from Shutterstock and scenes from a few different existing films, including Insidious: The Last KeyThe Lords of SalemDark Skies and Blumhouse's own Fantasy Island. It's also said to be directed by (real) horror director Issa López, whose 2019's release Tigers Are Not Afraid was praised by genre maestro Guillermo del Toro himself, with the Nightmare Alley director being inspired to work with her after watching it. 

Even though the whole thing was an April Fool's joke, that didn't stop Blumhouse from going the extra mile, crafting a whole summary for the fake movie: "Hidden for years, and no longer a myth, El Chupacabras exists. Will you outrun him? A first look at director Issa Lopez's new Blumhouse film, El Chupacabras, coming this summer."

The studio also got "quotes" from López, who says this about her "secret" and previously unannounced project: "As a Mexican filmmaker, I’m a firm believer there can never be enough movies about El Chupacabras, and I'm here to deliver on that promise."

Jason Blum also released a statement for the project, stating, "Just when you thought there was a movie I wouldn't make — I present, El Chupacabras." 

El Chupacabras will not be coming out this summer, however you can stream Tigers Are Not Afraid on Prime Video.