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The Outlaw Ma Reynolds raises hell in the 'Verse with Boom's new Firefly one-shot

By Jeff Spry
Ma Reynolds Hero

In keeping with the bounty of blazing Boom! Studios one-shots blasting out of the Firefly universe, a new oversized issue centered around Captain Malcolm Reynolds' renegade rebel mom, Maude Reynolds, is headed your way in January to kick off the new year — and SYFY WIRE is hosting a special expanded preview of this rip-roaring release.

Written by New York Times bestselling author Greg Pak (Ronin Island, Planet Hulk) and injected with stimulating artwork delivered by illustrators Davide Gianfelice (Nightwing) and George Kambadais (The Black Ghost), the most fearsome outlaw in the 'Verse is a rifle-packin' mama you don't ever want to tangle with on this or any other planet outpost, frontier space station, or colonized asteroid.

Firefly Ma 1

This rousing tale showcases a main cover by award-winning artist Ethan Young (Nanjing: The Burning City) and variants courtesy of Ming Doyle (The Kitchen) and Michael Walsh (Black Hammer/Justice League). Rounding out the exceptional creative team is colorist Joana Lafuente (Jim Henson’s Labyrinth) and letterer Jim Campbell (Abbott, Coda).

Ma Reynolds Slice

Want to know what familial influences Mal Reynolds had in shaping his personality and profession as a Browncoat leader, notorious smuggler, and lawless adventurer? Look no further than his tough-as-nails mother!

The revealing storyline launches a new year of Firefly at Boom!, with the infamous Maude Reynolds in serious trouble and headlining the Alliance’s Most Wanted List. If Mal and his motley crew don't head them off at the pass and get to her first, a new war stirring amid the stars is destined to erupt.

"One of the core themes of Firefly that has resonated with so many fans around the world is Serenity's crew as a found family, and all the intensely emotional ups and downs that come with that," Boom! Executive Editor Jeanine Schaefer tells SYFY WIRE.

Ma Reynolds Slice 2

"So it seemed fitting to dig into the background of our good Captain Mal, Serenity's resident Scoundrel Dad, and to name the reason why Mal is so fiercely protective not only of his immediate family onboard Serenity, but of his extended one with the Browncoats ... and that name is Ma Reynolds," she adds. "We can't wait for fans to learn more about Ma, the single-mother-and-rancher-turned-outlaw who always fought for her fair share and never gave an inch, even if it meant crossing the law and her own son!"

Rocket into our preview of Firefly: The Outlaw Ma Reynolds #1 in the gallery below, then hit the afterburners to snag a copy when it lands in comic shops on Jan. 15, 2020.