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SYFY WIRE Brave New World

It's a 'Brave New World' in first full trailer for Peacock's sci-fi dystopia series

By Jacob Oller
Brave New World

One of NBCUniversal streamer Peacock's launch titles, the highly-anticipated Brave New World series has dropped its first trailer today. Adapting Aldous Huxley is no small feat, but when the show's John the Savage (Alden Ehrenreich) is most familiar to genre fans as young Han freakin' Solo, showrunner David Wiener and company already have a dystopian leg up on the competition.

The first teaser for the show — which also stars Demi Moore, Hannah John-Kamen, Jessica Brown Findlay, and Harry Lloyd — took fans from New London to The Savage Lands, but in its first full trailer, Brave New World is going beyond the sci-fi sex parties and drug-fueled complacency.

Take a look:

Ok, but there are still a lot of sex parties and substance abuse — and dissent. "If this place is so perfect, why is it upside-down?" asks John. He's the instigating domino that looks to fall and kick off a full-scale collapse... or at least some form of upset.

Based on the highly-conditioned, controlled, and warped population in Huxley's 1932 novel, this society is a tragic one in need of resistance. So why not John? And, as the new posters for the series declare, "everybody happy now." The grammar might be a little strange but the sentiment is clear: this dystopia thinks emotional problems have been solved thanks to some handy pharmaceuticals.

Brave New World poster

Brave New World and Peacock itself will launch on July 15.