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Breach: Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane kick space zombie butt in first gonzo trailer

By Josh Weiss
Bruce Willis & Cody Kearsley in Breach

Can't decide between watching Alien and World War Z? You really don't have to choose anymore because Breach is has the best of both worlds. The film, which is getting a multi-faceted rollout next month from Saban Films, just dropped its first trailer and promises a space-bound sci-fi adventure in which Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane kick zombie tuchus on a ship headed for a colonized planet.

If that doesn't grab your attention, we don't know what will! The plot may hit a little too close to home as the "interstellar ark" flees an Earth ravaged by (what else?) a plague. The human survivors must contend with a new and deadlier contagion when passengers start turning into bloodthirsty members of the undead. The culprit? A shape-shifting alien force that can only be contained with that John Carpenter standby: a good ol' fashioned flamethrower. The ark is on a six-month journey to the new homeworld, but the remaining humans will be lucky enough to make it through a few days.

Check out the trailer below:

Thanks to their work on Armageddon and The Expanse, Willis and Jane are aptly-suited for this project. Cody Kearsley (Riverdale, Daybreak) and Rachel Nichols (Titans,The Man in the High Castle) are also a part of the cosmic cast.

Written by Edward Drake (Animals) and Corey Large (Heist), Breach was directed by Bad Milo producer John Suits.

"It was a great pleasure getting to work with genre heavyweights Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane  on this. Excited to share the trailer with everyone!" the director exclusively tells SYFY WIRE.

Breach poster

The film (which is rated R and runs 89 minutes long) blasts off for theaters, digital and on-demand Monday, Dec. 14. Head to the media gallery below for a smattering of production stills from the movie.