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WIRE Buzz: Bruce Willis leads sci-fi Cosmic Sin; Cynthia Erivo reprises Carrier role for film; more

By Jacob Oller
Bruce Willis Getty

Bruce Willis' career continues to take a delicious descent into schlocky genre as the The Fifth Element, Armageddon, and The Sixth Sense star joins yet another small-scale sci-fi film. This one is called Cosmic Sin and brings the action, who recently shot Open Source and Survive The Night, hero face-to-face with some aliens. Well, kind of.

Deadline reports that Cosmic Sin's aliens, invading and taking over a human population with their infectious powers, might just mean that Willis will be up against a bunch of foes that look like humans as his team of warriors and scientists attempt to drive back the force.

Co-writers and directors Corey Large and Edward Drake are behind the film, re-teaming with Willis after working on him in the film Breach (currently in post-production).

Cosmic Sin is in pre-production, but the quick turnaround on Willis' recent work mean this alien-fighter will likely be released straight to VOD sooner rather than later.

Next, a sci-fi podcast is bringing its star along with it as it makes the move to film. Cynthia Erivo will reprise her role as the lead in Carrier, as the QCode and Dan Blank podcast gets adapted to the big screen thanks to Amblin Partners. This is the latest big move for The Outsider star, who's been on a recent tear collecting Oscar nominations alongside her Tony, Grammy, and Emmy wins.

According to Deadline, Ervio isn't the only person coming along for the ride: Blank is staying on to write and direct the feature film, while Ervio also produces. The seven-episode audio season, which Ervio led and co-produced, focus on a trucker named Raylene, whose cargo is...well, it's not unlike all those boxes at the end of that Indiana Jones movie. Basically? Bad news.

That means bad guys are after her shipment and, more pressingly, her. Sounds like Feud with an apocalyptic sci-fi twist. The film version of Carrier currently has no timeline for its production.

Finally, the star of a major Oscar player and the daughter of a high-ranking Hollywood star will be heading into a real head trip for their next film. Wolf is sure to bend the brains of any genre fan watching it and it's found its leads.

According to Deadline, George MacKay (1917) and Lily-Rose Depp will star in the UK film from writer-director Nathalie Biancheri (Nocturnal). The movie is all about a bunch of people that think they're animals. They all live in the same house and, uh, not all is as it seems. Obviously. The lead believes he's a wolf (as the title might've indicated) and, "despite the often humiliating treatment meted out to him by a doctor, cannot escape his own personal truth."

Whatever that means. Is the truth that he really is a wolf? Unclear, but here's hoping it's a secret werewolf movie. Wolf boasts $2-3M budget and is currently in pre-production.