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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Rancor teeth make ingredient list for build-your-own lightsabers at Galaxy’s Edge

By Benjamin Bullard
Lightsabers at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Making your own powered-up lightsaber at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will apparently feel like pulling teeth … Rancor teeth, that is.

A new report that details the exotic ingredient list for Disney’s new build-your-own lightsaber experience lists the fangs Luke faced in Return of the Jedi among the handful of hard-to-source lightsaber components that’ll help you walk out with your very own laser sword when Galaxy’s Edge finally opens for business this year.

Via The Orange County Register, the path to crafting your custom elegant weapon looks like a deeply invested trip through a new slice of the Lucasfilm lore-verse, one that’s been created specifically to enrich the immersive experience of all that time you’ll be spending in Disney’s new Star Wars playground.

Once you show up at a lightsaber workshop run by space junk dealer Savi, you’ll reportedly get to rummage through his collection of raw materials as you start thinking about your design options. Disney isn’t dumbing this part down, either: According to the report, you’ll have to weigh some pretty enticing choices as you sort through four different lightsaber styles, which in turn can be refined depending on which parts you pick.

First, the four styles of lightsaber: There’s “Peace & Justice,” the old-school Republic-era Jedi model; “Power & Control,” which puts the dark power of the Sith in your hands; “Protection & Defense,” a more folksy, mystical option that uses components with “ancient and mysterious motifs and inscriptions”; and “Elemental Nature,” a nature-based option where the organic parts bin includes Brylark wood, Cartusion whale bone, and — you guessed it — those Rancor teeth.

How do you even source enough Rancor teeth to churn out a steady supply of lightsabers? Luke barely managed the feat once, on Tatooine, and he’s an actual Jedi. And judging by how heartbroken Malakili was at the beast’s demise, as well as all the furor that ensued after Jabba lost his enemy-eating pet, a Rancor sighting — any Rancor sighting — sounds like a pretty rare and momentous event.

At any rate, choosing a lightsaber style is still only part of the process. You’ll reportedly still have to decide which color of Kyber crystal — blue, red, green, or purple — you’ll want to illuminate your blade. Only after you’ve settled on a Kyber color will you be given “a set of lightsaber pieces salvaged from fallen Jedi temples and crashed starships” so you can finally start tinkering.

The entire experience reportedly will take about 20 minutes, and it’s all meant to keep things feeling small and intimate. “You’re in there with only 14 builders and your family,” Disney Imagineering’s Chris Beatty told OCR.

We’re guessing that Disney already knows there’ll be tons of Star Wars fans who simply won’t rest until they’ve collected every variation of lightsaber that Galaxy’s Edge has to offer, making repeat visits to the workshop all but assured. But at least we’ll all be starting on a level playing field when the two Galaxy’s Edge locations finally open. The Disneyland version greets its first visitors on May 31 in California, while the Florida-based park hits hyperdrive at Walt Disney World starting on Aug. 29.