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SYFY WIRE Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel editor exclusively reveals how Goose ties into The Winter Soldier

By Josh Weiss
Captain Marvel Goose

Since Captain Marvel is a prequel to the entire MCU, it can explain how a few things in this comic book universe came to be. The biggest revelation, perhaps, has to do with how a young Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) lost his eye.

WARNING! The following contains major spoilers for Captain Marvel!

Many of us were expecting his use of an eye patch to be related to some epic accident, but nope. His peeper was clawed out by the freakin' Flerken known as Goose. Over the years, Fury has, by not talking about it, encouraged the rumor that the Kree burned out his eye when he wouldn't give them the whereabouts of the Tesseract. What you may have missed is that Captain Marvel ties nicely into a reference Fury made about it years ago.

"Fun Easter egg: In Captain America : Winter Soldier, Fury says ‘Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye’. We planted something in Captain Marvel to hint at who that would be," the film's editor, Debbie Berman, exclusively tells us. "After Goose consumes the Tesseract, as Fury picks her up he says “I’m trusting you not to eat me.” So the word 'TRUST' is used as a fun foreshadowing device here, and that trust is broken later when she scratches his eye… which ties into the Winter Soldier scene."

Debbie editing Captain Marvel

Since the movie is set in the 1990s, Jackson had to be digitally de-aged to resemble a doe-eyed (not to mention two-eyed) S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. According to Berman — who has also edited Spider-Man: Homecoming and Black Panther — this process figured heavily into the editing stage and proved to be quite the hurdle to overcome.

"It certainly added a challenge to the editorial process because it took quite some time for the de-aging (some of it hand painted) to be accomplished," she says. "The visual effects team were starting to work on his shots a few weeks into shooting, and thus we had to decide fairly early on editorially what performance choices to go with. It took a lot of deliberation to ensure that choice would pass the test of context ... The unique challenge with Samuel L Jackson’s character is that we needed to attempt to nail the performance takes really early on by envisioning the ultimate context even though it hadn’t been shot yet. Luckily he is so brilliant, charismatic, and hilarious that his performances really carried through."

Nick Fury Samuel L. Jackson Captain Marvel

While Fury disappeared at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, he was able to get off a distress call to Carol Danvers who had left Earth in order to help the Skrulls find a new home away from the Kree Empire. Having received Fury's message, Danvers returns to our planet (in the post-credits scene of Captain Marvel) and joins the Avenger-based effort against Thanos (Josh Brolin) in Avengers: Endgame — in theaters April 26.

Nevertheless, Captain Marvel is certainly the calm before the storm.

"Coming into work, putting on some loud 90’s music, and essentially editing cat videos for a living!" Berman adds. "It was an incredible amount of fun choosing the best kitty take, and I loved it."