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SYFY WIRE Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel's cat Goose continues to steal spotlight with livestream, teaser

By Jacob Oller
Captain Marvel Goose

Responses to Captain Marvel have been incredibly positive, but star Brie Larson and the film’s exciting space war have been overshadowed by an even greater addition to the Marvel universe: a cat. Carol Danvers’ cat Goose has been the talk of all who’ve seen the new MCU film, apparently stealing scenes and providing some much-needed comic relief. And also being adorable.

Named for a Top Gun wingman, Goose was recently honored in a Marvel teaser where Samuel L. Jackson and Larson waxed poetic about her merits.

Take a look:

Goose is in space, on control panels, and otherwise just being a sweet furry pal alongside Danvers in all her adventures. Perhaps that’s enough to justify apparently changing her alien origins. Either way, Marvel wasn’t done giving fans all the feline attention they needed.

On the official Marvel YouTube, a lengthy video was set up watching Goose run around a Captain Marvel-themed area and streamed for fans. After understanding that she couldn’t escape, Goose seemed to have a pretty good time.

Fans can watch the full hour or so of Goose running amok and checking out the environment here:

If both videos simply weren’t enough to scratch fans’ itch, then Captain Marvel’s release on March 8 should be catnip.