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Pennsylvania Driver Goes Airborne, Rides Fast & Furious-Style Into Second Story of a House

One of the wildest crashes this side of the Fast Saga.

By Cassidy Ward
Fast X (2023)

The Fast Saga has humble origins, revolving around ordinary (if high-octane) street races with honor on the line. Over the course of 10 movies, however, the franchise has pushed cars into every possibly environment on the planet, and a few off it.

These days, Dom (Vin Diesel) and the rest of the Family are as likely to be driving up a skyscraper or through the air as anything else. It’s the sort of activity which is, at once, tempting and terrifying. Most of us don’t dream of launching our automobiles into the atmosphere. And most of us don’t worry about cars driving through our second-story windows.

But that’s exactly what happened to residents of a Pennsylvania home.

Exterior view of the second-story house car crash

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On August 6, 2023, first responders received a call for an automobile accident on the 800 block of Alfarata Road. When they got there, they encountered a scene straight out of the movies. The mangled remains of midrange sedan were dangling precariously from the upper story of a neighborhood home.

The accident occurred in Decatur Township in Mifflin County, PA, around 3:15 local time. Junction Fire Company and Decatur Volunteer Fire responded and found a gray 2006 sedan perched precariously midway through the second floor of a home.

“This is the stuff you see in the movies,” said Sam Baumgardner, administrator for the Junction Fire Company, in conversation with The Washington Post.

Interior of the second-story house car crash

There were three people inside the home when the incident occurred, but they were downstairs and unharmed. Injuries were reported for the 20-year-old driver who was taken to nearby Geisinger Lewiston Hospital for treatment. An investigation of the event determined that the crash was intentional, though no motive has yet been revealed.

Investigators believe the driver hit a culvert or a tunnel system next to the house at a high rate of speed, launching it over other vehicles in the driveway and into the second story of the home. Charges including aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and criminal mischief are reportedly pending against the driver.

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