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SYFY WIRE Charlie Cox

Casting: Daredevil cast reunites for Dungeons & Dragons; Stargirl constellation expands

By Benjamin Bullard
Charlie Cox on Relics and Rarities via Geek and Sundry YouTube 2019

Charlie Cox and Deborah Ann Woll are about to share some quality screen time again — only this time around, they’ll be getting their geeky game on instead of cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen.

In an announcement that’s beginning to make us suspect these guys just can’t stay away from diversions that depend on the letter D, Woll introduced her former Daredevil co-star alongside a nice handful of other genre standouts for Relics & Rarities, the new Dungeons & Dragons-inspired anthology show that’s just arriving on the Alpha streaming service.

Cox shows up in the clip below to reveal he’ll be playing Seamus O’Flanagan for an episode of the D&D series, which combines improvised RPG decision-making with scripted character attributes. Talk about a change of pace: in a role that’s miles removed from Matt Murdock’s sight-impaired superhero, Cox describes O’Flanagan as a “half-elf, rogue arcane trickster who’s also a pirate.”

Produced by multimedia genre factory Geek & Sundry, Relics & Rarities is dropping standalone weekly episodes featuring star turns from a bevy of cool guests. Waiting in the wings for a chance at RPG greatness are Kevin Smith as a warlock detective named Sam Hayne (get it? Samhain?), Scream’s Matthew Lillard as “dragonborn gold sorcerer” Allister Goldfang, Arrow’s Janina Gavankar as a “half-elf rogue, tomb raider bad bitch” named Mumeé, Veep’s Sam Richardson as “gnomish ranger” Ionis Leatherfoot, and Luke Cage’s Simone Missick as a “human paladin” name Zora Ujasiri.

While we watch and wait for any hopeful news that Daredevil might get a second life beyond its stellar three-season run at Netflix, at least we can bask in a mini-reunion between Karen Page and the Man Without Fear — as well as Relics series regular Tommy Walker, who played Wilson Fisk bodyguard Francis during Daredevil’s first season.

The streaming platform is leaning heavily into the new show as a way to entice new subscribers; you can sign up for a free trial by entering the code “RELICS” when you first log on. With each episode hosted by Woll, Relics & Rarities makes its Feb. 4 debut at Alpha. 

The DC Universe streaming platform is rounding out its growing constellation of Stargirl stars with two new pickups ahead of the show’s debut later this year.

Deadline reports that Meg DeLacy and Jake Austin Walker have just joined the Stargirl cast, adding to a roster that already includes Brec Bassinger in the lead role as Courtney Whitmore, Joel McHale as Starman, Lou Ferrigno Jr. as Golden Age Hourman, Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan, Henry Thomas as Dr. Mid-Nite, Joy Osmanski as Tigress, Neil Hopkins as Sportsmaster, and Nelson Lee as Dragon King.

DeLacy reportedly will play a character named Cindy Burman, while Walker’s role hasn’t yet been revealed. Other cast members with still-undisclosed roles include Christopher James Baker, Yvette Monreal, and Anjelika Washington.

DC Universe hasn’t revealed when Stargirl will premiere this year, but a cast that diverse and stacked with outsized personalities is bound to give us something to look forward to. Stay tuned as we wait for word on when the first of 13 episodes in the Geoff Johns written-and-produced series will make landfall at DC’s streaming service.