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Warm up for 'Schmigadoon' with Cecily Strong’s 10 best genre sketches from 'SNL'

The SNL vet has graced the sketch show with many a genre-themed classics.

By Tara Bennett
Cecily Strong

After 11 seasons on Saturday Night Live (earning two Emmy nominations), Cecily Strong said goodbye last December to her fellow "Not Ready for Primetime Players" as it was time to move on to a long list of other projects needing her copious talents. First up is Season 2 of the Apple TV+ series, Schmigadoon, which returns to parody the '70s era of musicals from Fosse and Sondheim. She goes all out theater-geek with co-star Keegan-Michael Key (who's currently voicing Toad in The Super Mario Bros. Movie) as a contemporary married couple once more stuck in a side dimension full of incessant song and dance. 

The series got us thinking about all the times Strong hit the high notes on SNL in hundreds of sketches, some of which put her in ridiculous sci-fi or fantasy scenarios where she contributed in making some modern classics for the show. Here are 10 of SYFY WIRE's favorites.

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Cecily teams up with guest host Adam Driver to take a less than magical carpet ride in this parody of the romantic scene from Disney's Aladdin. Cecily's Jasmine has a less than perfect time with her Prince Charming. 

Hunger Games

Cecily gets inquisitive with guest host Jennifer Lawrence reprising her role as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games (now streaming on Peacock!). As a District 1 "journalist" asking about the games, Cecily goes big with her Effie Trinket-styled wig and commitment to this crazy piece that isn't too fond of Peeta.

New Disney Show

Cecily and co-star Bobby Moynihan embrace their inner children for this hilarious faux Disney Channel series trailer that incorporates Korean horror classic The Ring into a family sitcom. We'd pay money to see this mash-up for real. 

UFO Sightings

Cecily was a core participant in all of Kate McKinnon's "Ms. Rafferty" series of UFO abduction sketches. Every time, Cecily got to share her calming experience with aliens, while Kate's character would relate her less than stellar version of the experience. Every variation of this sketch is gold, and just watching the straight men not break as Kate goes wild is worth the time. But this one in particular is the last of the series, and the goodbye episode for McKinnon which makes it extra special.

Frozen 2

Kate McKinnon and Cecily pair up to reveal a bunch of Frozen 2 deleted scenes that seem to take Elsa's subtext and make it text. 

Space Thanksgiving

Guest host Steve Carell joins Cecily and the cast as a group of space explorers who spend Thanksgiving with the Klurg species. They attempt to eat the local delicacy with surprising results. 

Game of Thrones: Jon Snow

Back when Game of Thrones and Jon Snow mania was at its pique, the series had guest host Brie Larson and Cecily try to persuade the Watchers on the Wall to move it along with Jon's corpse. 

Handmaids in the City

Cecily does double duty here, first as the pitch-perfect narrator, and then as OfGary, the Sam-like handmaiden in this Sex in the City/The Handmaid's Tale mash-up that is way too prescient. 

A Kanye Place

A brilliant A Quiet Place send up of Kanye/Ye when he was having one of his public social media meltdowns. Cecily joins guest host Donald Glover in trying to remain quiet despite reading the escalating insanity on social media.

Stranger Things 3

Cecily and guest host Natalie Portman play fellow empowered teens in this Stranger Things sendup way back when everyone was waiting for Season 3. She basically tells a fart joke and barely keeps it together, a double win!

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