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SYFY WIRE The Lord of the Rings

Chosen One of the Day: Aragorn’s dramatic entrance

By Preeti Chhibber
Aragorn Fellowship hero

We know that Aragorn (Viggo Mortenson) loves a good dramatic entrance. And we know that we love that Aragorn loves a good dramatic entrance. I mean, the doors, amiright? But before that moment we all collectively sighed in … appreciation, Aragorn had to introduce himself in Fellowship of the Ring and boy did he introduce himself. 

Our favorite foursome of hobbits has come to the Prancing Pony in hopes of finding Gandalf after a very treacherous and ringwraith-filled journey. Unfortunately, Mr. The Gray has not arrived and so the wee sweet hobbitses must make do with half-pints (or full pints if you want to spend time spilling the beans, Peregrin Took) while they consider their options. By “consider their options” I mean quietly freak the f*** out because what the hell, Frodo and Sam did not ASK for this?! 

But then, a hooded man sits solo in the corner, very, very weirdly and obviously staring at them. Like, even Sam notices. 

Aragorn Fellowship 1

Look at this weirdo. 

“Strider,” Frodo says as our walking boy takes a big ole’ puff of whatever he’s smoking so the embers alight just enough to showcase his pretty eyes.

Aragorn Fellowship 2

I almost feel bad for him when 20 seconds later Pippin absolutely screws everyone by having no sense of subterfuge whatsoever and Strider is forced to abandon the emo picturesque scene he so specifically created. 

An aside to admit that I cannot get through this scene without shouting, “Pippin, shut the f*** up!!!!!!!!!!!” every time even though it has been 19 years. 

That said, Aragorn’s probably loving the drama. He gets to roll up to Frodo and hiss threatening things at him under his breath, extinguish candles by licking his fingers and twisting them out (??? just blow on them??), before finally getting to David Caruso his way through a final admonition ending with his hood flung back so we can see his chiseled, chiseled face.

Aragorn Fellowship 3

 “Are you frightened?” he asks Frodo, like he’s Yoda, setting Luke up for his training session on Dagobah. 

Aragorn Frodo FotR
Luke Yoda dagobah

The whole entrance is perfect and I love it and I wouldn’t change a damned thing. Now excuse me while I rewatch the doors sequence