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Chosen One of the Day: Baby Yoda’s self-isolation bassinet

By Preeti Chhibber
Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Season 2

Do you ever have one of those days, months, year, etc? And then one morning you wake up and the only thing you can do is pull the covers back up over your head because today is not happening. Well, The Child (or as we all know and love him, Baby Yoda) has a gif for that. 

We’re exactly one month out from the release of The Mandalorian’s second season, and all we’ve had to sustain us over the long, long, long year are some images and a trailer. 

But o! What a trailer it was. Fighting! References to the Jedi! And of course: Baby Yoda. Our lil Yiddle Yoddle was in fine form in the clip, but no better than when the Mandalorian is about to kick some epic space butt and Yiddle Yoddle is like “Been here before, gotta get protected!” and pushes the button on his bassinet to be covered on all sides. 

Baby Yoda Mandalorian No Thank You

I ask, who among us has not wished for a tiny, egg-shaped carriage in which we could lie and cover at our own discretion, blocking out the world and all its malcontents? Who? Not I! 

The things I would do be a little green puppet who can create his own sensory box of nothingness. The best way to self-isolate, am I right? 

What I’m saying is: Major goals, Baby Yoda, major goals