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SYFY WIRE The Umbrella Academy

Chosen One of the Day: Ben from Umbrella Academy

By Courtney Enlow

If you're like me, and god help you, you've been thinking a lot about mortality lately. Yes, that's a very fun way to begin our daily dose of silliness and nonsense we call Chosen One of the Day, and you're welcome. And while I don't know what kind of dead ghost person I'd be, given the opportunity and circumstance, I like to think I'd be Ben Hargreeves, smokin' hot snark monster who's just kind of there

Ben (Justin H. Min) died at a young age for reasons explained in the Season 2 finale and that I won't spoil here, however, he's been part of the show since Episode 1. His brother, Klaus (Robert Sheehan), has the power to summon the dead and as such Ben and Klaus are the buddy comedy we need, we deserve, we crave in these troubled times. For much of the series, Ben is just there. He's just present. He's just chillin', dead-styles. He's just wearing his leather jacket and hoodie and looking amazing. Death becomes him, truly. But he also takes time out of his unbusy undead schedule to troll Klaus and become the octopus monster he needs to be in order to save his family. Could your dead fave ever? I can't get through most of my daily tasks and I'm a whole-ass alive person. Be the Ben you want to see in the world. But, like, alive. 

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