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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Chopper from Star Wars Rebels

By Preeti Chhibber
Chopper Star Wars Rebels hero

It used to be that you could reliably say that R2-D2 was the most sh*t-talking, no-sh*t-taking droid there was in the Star Wars universe. That was before Dave Filoni's critically acclaimed Star Wars Rebels series existed, because in that series, he gave us the gift of Chopper. 

Chopper, or Chop to his family, is the best, most cantankerous droid there is. I love R2, but did he ever push a droid out of a flying vehicle to certain death because how dare his family consider getting another droid?! (It was fine, it's still a cartoon, don't worry. But Chopper didn't know that. Chopper takes no prisoners.) 

Chopper Star Wars Rebels 2

Much like many other droids, we can't understand Chopper, but we can understand Chopper if you get my drift. 

Like here? It's "Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey." I can feel that in my bones. 

Chopper Star Wars Rebels 1

Chopper was, of course, viciously loyal to his found family — and I do mean viciously loyal. We've seen him remorselessly kill Trooper after Trooper whenever the Ghost crew was threatened. After the series finale, we found out that Dave Filoni himself voiced the angry little rat bastard, and honestly that makes me love Chop even more. 

So, if we have two wishes (because the first would obviously be a buddy-cop movie starring Ahsoka and Sabine on their way to find Ezra), please bring back Chopper, Dave Filoni. We miss him.