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Chosen One of the Day: Cool Spot

By Courtney Enlow

Maybe your favorite video game growing up was an adventure game filled with action. Maybe it was a story-focused RPG steeped in fantasy. Maybe it was a sports game putting you in the field in front of throngs of fans.

Mine followed a sentient soda logo as it hung out at the beach and stole hermit crab shells. 

Cool Spot was a game released by Virgin for Sega Genesis and SNES that followed the 7-Up mascot as it...did...things...on a beach.

Its mission was clear.


Playing as the titular Cool Spot, you had to collect other spots which were much like you, the Cool Spot, but decidedly less cool (where are their white mime gloves? THAT SH*T IS COOL) and thus merely Spot. You had to free other Cool Spots from Cool Prison floating in Cool Time and Space and also at one point you're trapped in a giant 7-Up bottle and have to rely on air bubbles to get out like Charlie and Grandpa Joe burping their way down from Fizzy Lifting Drink. It's hella chill.


Also did you know that under their shells hermit crabs wear boxer shorts? It's true. I saw it in a nature documentary. A nature documentary called Cool Spot.


Ah the '90s: a magical time when children needed to be protected from potential tiny crab dongs but soda logos and blue hedgehogs could be as nude as the day is long. 

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