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Not Content With Being the Year's Biggest Movie, Super Mario Is Also an Oreo Cookie Now

Mama Mia! It's a-cookie, Mario!

By James Grebey

The Super Mario Bros. Movie revealed that Mario — the Goomba-stomping, Bowser-besting, mustachioed champion of Mushroom Kingdom — absolutely hates the taste of mushrooms. Luckily for him (and any hungry fans in the real world), Oreo has come through with limited-edition cookies that feature Super Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Super Stars, and several characters from the hit movie. They may not make you grow giant or become invincible… but they are tasty!

The cookies, which be available in stores starting on July 10, feature 16 different characters and Power-Ups, including Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Goomba, and Boo. (The special designs on the cookies are the only thing that makes them super Mario-y — while there are some wild Oreo flavors out there, the limited-edition Mario ones are the normal, Double Stuf chocolate and creme variety.)

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And, because Mario was a video game before it was a major movie from Nintendo, Universal, and Illumination, there’s a game to go along with the cookies, too. Once the cookies are out in the world on July 10, fans can play the game on social media. 

Hungry players are tasked with helping to “defeat” Bowser by putting a Bowser cookie on the rim of a glass of milk, then stack as many hero cookies on top of the King Koopa Kookie. Bowser is defeated once he tips over and falls into the milk — which must be much better than falling into lava, as tends to happen to him in the games. Video of Bowser’s delicious defeat can then be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok with the hashtag #SuperMarioOREO.

Super Mario™ Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Limited Edition

“We hope to unite cookie lovers and Super Mario enthusiasts alike with this playful mission, inspired by a storyline fans know all too well,” said Oreo senior brand manager Vishnu Nai in a statement before teasing that there might be some bonus content. “We may even reveal a surprise as a thank you to those who successfully defeat Bowser and save the kingdom... Fans will have to wait and see!"

The cookies will be available to consume soon, but only for a limited time. The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which stars Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi, Jack Black as Bowser, Keegan-Micheal Key as Toad, and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, is available as VOD right now. It is expected to come to Peacock eventually, though there is no specific date for that yet. 

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