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Chosen One of the Day: Dick Van Dyke and the thumb-stealing alien walnuts

By Courtney Enlow

This morning, we learned of Carl Reiner's passing. The 98-year-old comedy legend gave us some of the best television of all time, including serving as the creator of The Dick Van Dyke Show. If you've never seen it or at least haven't watched it since Nick at Nite used to show black and white sitcoms and not all Full House all the time, that show HOLDS UP.

In one of the series' best moments, not to mention one of the best in sitcom history, Rob Petrie (Van Dyke) and his wife Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) watch a scary sci-fi movie before bed. Kind of. Rob attempts to protect Laura from viewing it by basically almost murdering her. 


He relays the tale of the film, which involves walnuts and thumb-stealing and it seems complicated, honestly. But what it leads to is literal comedy walnut gold in the form of an extended dream sequence which involves Rob being tormented by walnuts, Danny Thomas in a bowler hat, necktie stains, and a bad case of the thumbs-go-bye-byes. It also leads to this spectacular moment wherein Mary Tyler Moore floats down from a sea of walnuts, LIKE WE ALL WISH FOR EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES.


RIP, Mr. Reiner. For you, we give two ever-grateful thumbs up.    

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