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Chosen One of the Day: Dr. Bob Doom, DDS

By Stephanie Williams

The Sensational She-Hulk run from the '80s gave us so many memorable She-Hulk moments, but it outdid itself when it introduced readers to Dr. Bob Doom.

Bob is Victor Von Doom’s fifth cousin, and Bob absolutely loathes Victor. It’s not a family affair at all — there are all kinds of hateration and holleration in that particular Latervia dancery. Victor is too busy trying to take over the universe and get rid of Reed Richards, so where does Dr. Bob Doom enter the picture? He is there to give her a root canal. Well, sort of.

When Jennifer Walters isn’t breaking men in half as She-Hulk, she’s a lawyer who breaks men with a court summons. Dr. Bob Doom, DDS, is a dentist getting sued for malpractice by a former patient. This lawsuit could ruin him, or so he believes. With his record marred, any hope of getting rich and famous by way of dentistry is gone, and his hopes of being as great as his cousin are dashed.


I have no idea how dentistry was going to get him the same fame as Victor Von Doom, but Bob sure thought so. He is, after all, an entitled white guy living in an upper-middle-class neighborhood with two BMWs, stocks and bonds, a gold Rolex, and a high-end dental practice. The math checks out. Dr. Bob Doom is terrible and has an evil ergonomic chair and gaudy costume to show for it.



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