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Chosen One of the Day: Inner Sakura

By Preeti Chhibber
Inner Sakura

In the early days of Naruto, when our favorites were just wee bebe genin, before the enhanced strength and coming of age, Sakura needed some help expressing her emotions. She was small and frustrated, but had all these silly notions about what girls should be like. 

So, she had Inner Sakura. Look at this beast. Those are the glowing eyes of confidence, girl. Learn it, live it, love it. Sakura may have demurred and hemmed and hawed in lieu of speaking her mind, but Inner Sakura has no such inhibitions. 

Obviously we all have an inside-our-brain voice, but it’s usually one that’s telling us how terrible we are — no? Just me? 

… Anyway.

Inner Sakura

Inner Sakura’s a dream, a queen, a perfect being! This inner voice saves Sakura from Ino’s mind control! OK, a mind-body switch technique if we’re being specific, but I am trying to keep this ashe ccessible for non-Naruto-dorks.

Eventually, Inner Sakura goes the way of integrating fully into Sakura’s everyday reactions as she learns to be true to who is — over the top violent reactions and all. But we’ll always love Inner-Sakura for having the voice we wish we had. 

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