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Chosen One of the Day: Jack Black and his son Sammy in Area 52

By Courtney Enlow

In late 2018, Jack Black started a YouTube account by the name of JablinskiGames wherein he vlogs about video games, tour life, and general existence being Jack mothereffing Black. 

Sometimes he gets his kids involved. And in this time when people are attempting to make shelter-in-place lemonade out of these lemons we've found growing on our quaran-tree, Jables and son Sammy were ahead of the curve before we were flattening the curve.

Please enjoy this masterclass in homemade cinema, Area 52.

It's hard to pick my favorite part. Is it their B-movie line reads? Ludicrous mode? Sammy's end-moment incredulity at his dad's pure dadliness? JK, it's obviously NARUTO RUN (pronounced multiple ways, neither correct). But look at their sheer speed and resistance to air! Whom amongst us wouldn't want to be quarantined with Jables and fam right now? WHOM AMONGST US?

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